What Makes the Pelvic Floor Surgery Rehabilitation Program Unique?

The Pelvic Floor Surgery Rehabilitation Program utilizes a diagnostic and treatment algorithm based on scientific evidence. This offers patients the best balance between relieving their symptoms without causing new problems. We provide multi-disciplinary expertise in the diagnosis and management of surgical complications.  We have access to endoscopy and imaging techniques:

  • Imaging

    • Dynamic and 3D ultrasound to assess pelvic floor dysfunction

    • Pelvic ultrasound

    • MRI

  • Urodynamics

  • Endoscopy

    • Cystourethrosocpy

    • Sinoscopy

    • Proctoscopy

Often optimal care requires more than surgical correction, which is why our patients have access to ancillary services:

  • Physical therapy

    • Management of pelvic floor hypertonicity

    • Myofascial release

    • Biofeedback

  • Pain management

  • Sexual Medicine

  • Imaging

  • Social Work

  • Occupational Therapy

How do you know if you have surgical complications?
If you have new or persistent symptoms since your surgery, then you may be suffering from a complication.  Many of these are short lived and will resolve with recuperation from surgery.  If your symptoms do not improve, then you may want to pursue an evaluation.

If you have been diagnosed
If you have new or persistent symptoms after surgery, you should begin by speaking to your surgeon about the symptoms. If these symptoms persist or your surgeon feels that they are not the best person to treat them, then the Pelvic Floor Surgery Rehabilitation Program may provide an alternative. We offer a multi-disciplinary approach based on scientific evidence to manage surgical complications.  Our program has access to necessary imaging and diagnostic modalities to properly diagnose complications, which is the first step to successful management.  We also have access to pain specialists and physiotherapists who are part of the treatment team. Lastly, we have years of experience in managing these complications.