• Thank God for you – we women are most blessed to have you in our corner to help us have a better life dealing with these female issues.  You are so gifted & it is wonderful to see how much teaching/sharing info that you share.  Kudos to you & your talented team – we women are so grateful.  Wishing you the very best- you deserve it! ~ January 2017

  • After several years of discomfort and pain following a surgical intervention for bladder issues my family Doctor referred me to Dr. Roxana Geoffrion and her team at the Pelvic Floor Clinic at St. Paul’s Hospital.   This professional medical team treating women’s pelvic issues was attentive, empathic, skilled and able to problem solve.  Dr Geoffrion, alongside her Resident Fellow Dr. Sanaee gave me choices and treatment options.  I chose a conservative path and received treatment from physiotherapist Joanne Sabourin, an important professional member of the team whose expert therapy and teaching helped me manage my pain and condition.  Finally I received treatment that solved much of my pain problem.  Sadly, however, it took months of waiting to receive an assessment in this clinic and then several more months for physiotherapy at St. Paul’s Hospital.  What makes this women’s clinic unique is its centralized treatment of both urological and gynecological sensitive issues.  As a patient I would advocate that the services of this team be made more widely available to decrease wait time and increase physiotherapy services for the benefit of British Columbia’s women who need care to relieve suffering.  The wait time for evaluation and treatment is my only complaint, and I would be happy to present myself to advocate to this end. ~ August 2017

  • From the time I decided to have surgery until my six-week after surgery check-up, my experiences with Dr. Geoffrey Cundiff and his team were positive and enjoyable.  I was treated as a person who knew what they wanted and my decisions were respected. Dr. Cundiff and the members of his team who worked with me were professional, experienced, friendly, efficient, helpful, and patient. They answered any questions I had and encouraged my input. I also enjoyed their senses of humour which kept me from feeling too sorry for myself. Thanks, again, to all of you.  ~ February 2020