Loop ElectroExcision Procedure (LEEP)

Loop ElectroExcision Procedure (LEEP)

What is a LEEP?

A LEEP is a short operation designed to remove an area of abnormal cells on your cervix before these cells become cancerous. During LEEP, a hot wire loop is used to cut out a portion of tissue less than one centimeter in depth from your cervix.

What are alternatives to LEEP?

Other treatments similar to LEEP for cervical dysplasia are laser, cryotherapy and cone biopsy via scalpel. If abnormalities persist or worsen on your cervix, a trachelectomy (complete removal of the cervix) or hysterectomy (complete removal of the uterus) may be indicated.

What is the follow-up after LEEP?

We would like to see you in our clinic six weeks post LEEP to ensure that you have healed well. We also arrange colposcopies as needed following LEEP.

What are the complications associated with LEEP?

Following LEEP, rare complications of cervical stenosis and cervical incompetence have been described. Cervical stenosis is the occurrence of too much scar tissue at the cervix and this scar tissue may cause obstruction to the flow of blood out of the uterus with subsequent periods.

This may in turn cause painful periods. Cervical incompetence is the shortening of the cervix during a pregnancy following LEEP. This shortening may cause loss of the pregnancy or early labour.

Postoperative instructions following LEEP

These postoperative instructions were designed to help answer common questions about recovery from your surgery. This will help to guide you back to your normal level of activity.
Please contact Dr. Geoffrion at 604-806-9835 if you have specific questions.

Pain Control

Pain after LEEP is generally minimal and described as a menstrual cramp. It can last for 2-3 days following the procedure. Most women experience relief from this pain by using Tylenol extra strength and Advil, both over-the-counter medications.

What is the follow-up after LEEP?

We would like to see you in our clinic six weeks post LEEP to ensure that you have healed well. We also arrange colposcopies as needed following LEEP.

Vaginal Bleeding

It is normal to have some vaginal bleeding for the first 2 to 3 weeks following LEEP. This will generally decrease with time and should not amount to more than spotting after the first week.
While pads are fine, please avoid tampons until your follow-up appointment. Please watch your next period after LEEP carefully and report any symptom of unusual new cramping accompanied by less than normal amount of menstrual bleeding.


You may resume your normal bathing routine after the initial 24 hours. If you prefer a tub bath, please do not use any soap products (bubble bath) inside the water. Hot tubs and saunas should be avoided for 2-3 weeks following LEEP.


You will likely get back to your normal activities 2-3 days following LEEP.

Sexual Relations

Please delay vaginal intercourse until after your 6-week appointment.

Follow-Up Appointment

Your postoperative appointment will occur 6 weeks following your LEEP.
You will also need 2 colposcopies 6 months apart which will be booked through our office. You will be notified of these appointments closer to the date. If you do not receive a phone call within the first 6 months following LEEP, please call our office at 604-806-9835 or Email mdupre2@providencehealth.bc.ca to arrange follow-up.

Notify the Doctor

If you have any of the following issues prior to your 6 week appointment please our office at 604-806-9835 or present to your nearest emergency department:
Fever over 38'C or 100.4'F
Excessive bleeding or vaginal discharge
Pain that does not respond to pain medications
Any other worrisome or urgent concerns

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